Carlotta Bonaparte Princess Gabrielli

Jean Baptiste Wicar, Carlotta Bonaparte in abito di contadina di Canino, 1815 ca.

Jean Baptiste Wicar (1762 - 1834)

1815 ca.
Material and technique: 
Oil on canvas
cm 210x130
inv. mn 539

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

This room is dominated by the huge portrait of Carlotta Bonaparte, the elder daughter of Luciano, created by Jean-Baptiste Wicar. “Lolotte” is dressed as a farm worker and shown against a background of Canino’s estates. The painting comes from the collection of one of the daughters of Placido Gabrielli, who in turn had married in 1856 at the Tuileries, a Bonaparte, Augusta, the daughter of Carlo Luciano and Zenaide.

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